The Biodynamic approach of Osteopathy

works with the body’s natural ability to heal

Margaret River
A Holistic Approach
An intro

There are two essential ways for a health practitioner to help a client.

Firstly there is the option of finding problems to fix, and working on these either firmly or gently. 

The second option is to see these problems and (without making an attempt to change them) take a step beyond to find a person’s perfect potential, blueprint, or memory of health within.  Looking past problems of a human body involves a shift in consciousness – a significant part of Biodynamic training, since the health cannot be found by using the rational thinking mind alone.

Biodynamics of Osteopathy still seeks to fix problems, but does so through the guiding hand of Nature’s own therapeutic potential. Different patients will have a natural affinity for either one or the other of these two treatment approaches.

Your human body was there at every beginning, and it was there at the exact moments you strayed from your intended path in life.

As such your body still remembers your perfect potential within.  The human rational thinking mind on the other hand does not, since it only became conscious later in the process of life.  If one seeks wholistic health, it makes sense to be guided by the body, by nature and the mystery within life itself. 

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At the very beginning of life and for the first 6 weeks, every human embryo is exactly the same: with the exact same sequence of development emerging on each exact same day.  An intelligence within Nature comes from the outside and places an image within our original protoplasm, which guides all subsequent movement and development of the embryo.   This perfect blueprint of potential was there before the genetics of our human family tree began to influence our growth and development, and before an accumulation of life traumas.  These forces that originally created us, are also the forces that heal us – and we all have this memory of Health and self-healing potential within.  This is the basis of Biodynamic Osteopathy.

In Health, each individual human being’s functions are a single drop within the same vast ocean, with a light at its centre.   This central orientation becomes the source of internal organisation, stability and an emerging therapeutic potential within.  Biodynamic Osteopathy assists in restoring this memory (or function), which in turn allows for free movement and the expression of health and self-healing throughout the entire physical body (structure).  As a Biodynamic practitioner, some of the problems that one originally passed over at the beginning of a treatment have already begun melting away (without any attention or effort being required) – and a deeper therapeutic process has begun to emerge. 

As a practitioner it is deeply fulfilling to be guided by a therapeutic process which exceeds one’s capacity for understanding, and that creates therapeutic change that one might otherwise not think possible.

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